Sunday, June 22, 2008

Month Twelve: Father's Day, First Day of Summer, and preparing for Deva's first birthday!

Celebrated the first day of summer at the beach. With the record heat and broiling sun, we decided to camp out in the shade behind the lifeguard stand. Deva wasn't so sure about the sand and water at first, but she quickly warmed up to it.

Check out those teeth! It's one of the few pictures with a clear shot of the top and bottom teeth. We think they were pushing through this day as Deva was just a little bit cranky and loved biting on something cold (her favorite was the bottom of a soda can, go figure).

Nothing like wind blown hair on a hot summer day!

Favorite past-time, sitting on the kitchen table chewing on papa's keys and wallet.

Had a great day on Father's Day playing with Deva outside. I think she must of known it was father's day since she was in a great mood all day and we had a blast running around in the backyard.